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Sigvaris, established in 1864, is a leader in medical compression stockings. At Sigvaris, we are dedicated to improving the lives of those who suffer from venous and lymphatic disorders through our innovative and high-quality products.
Sigvaris stockings are crafted from a blend of the finest materials, ensuring comfort and durability. In addition, we offer a wide range of compression levels, sizes, and styles to meet the unique needs of each individual.
Prescribed by physicians, our stockings help to improve blood flow and relieve symptoms such as swelling, fatigue, and pain in the legs. With Sigvaris, you can trust that you are receiving a product that has been developed with your health and comfort in mind.

Sigvaris Product Range

Sigvaris Cotton

The Sigvaris cotton collection, which is now known as the Sigvaris Thermoregulating collection, is ideal for various venous and lymphatic conditions. The inside of the stocking is made of 100% cotton, offering a comfortable feel for individuals with sensitive skin.
The cotton collection’s versatility shines through in different weather conditions. The knitting technique allows it to effectively dissipate moisture to keep the body cool in the summer. Whereas, the knitted layers of the fabric provide warmth in the winter.

Sigvaris Top Fine Select (Now called Sigvaris Dynaven)

The Sigvaris Top Fine Select, is an excellent choice for those seeking a cost-effective option without sacrificing quality. These stockings come in an opaque skin-tone structure, making them perfect for discreet daily use.
Sigvaris Top Fine Select is now rebranded as Sigvaris Dynaven. The packaging and colour of the stockings have been updated with the rebranding, however, the fabric composition and size chart remain the same, ensuring a seamless transition for customers.

Sigvaris Traditional

The Sigvaris Traditional range of compression stockings are an enhanced version of the original compression stockings that were made from natural rubber material - They offer the same medical benefits but without the risk of allergic reactions.
The interior of Sigvaris Traditional stockings consists of polyamide, which shields the skin from any contact with the natural rubber material, resulting in a comfortable and breathable feel. The stockings deliver stable compression throughout the day, making them a suitable choice for individuals with severe venous conditions.

Sigvaris Ulcer X

Sigvaris Ulcer X Kit is scientifically designed to treat venous ulcers. This kit consists of a two layer system - the special under stocking and Sigvaris Traditional overstocking. Together, these 2 layers provide class 3 compression to the leg.
The Sigvaris Ulcer X stockings have proven to be more effective in the treatment of venous ulcers compared to traditional bandaging.

Sigvaris Compreflex Wraps

Compression wraps are an excellent substitute for medical compression stockings. They are crafted using premium materials and consist of velcro straps that offer an impressive range of adjustability, making them a suitable option for individuals with dexterity and strength issues. Moreover, these wraps are the preferred treatment option for those with lymphedema, lipedema, and venous ulcers.
The Compreflex wraps from Sigvaris are available for various body parts and can be combined to provide below-knee length, mid-thigh length, or full-leg compression as per your requirement. You can find Compreflex calf, knee, and thigh wraps that meet your specific needs.

Sigvaris Arm Sleeves

Compression arm sleeves improve blood circulation and help reduce swelling and pain in the arms. They are often prescribed to individuals with medical conditions such as lymphedema, edema, or varicose veins, as they can help manage the symptoms and prevent progression of the condition.
Sigvaris Arm sleeves are available in 2 fabrics: Sigvaris Advance made with microfiber material and Sigvaris Traditional made with natural rubber blended material.

Sigvaris Samson

The Sigvaris Samson stockings help improve blood circulation in the legs by providing mild graduated compression. These support compression stockings are an ideal choice for individuals who wish to prevent venous conditions and promote leg health. They are especially helpful for those who sit or stand for extended periods, have a family history of varicose veins and blood clots.
Wearing these stockings provides gradual pain relief and reduces swelling in the legs, making them beneficial for those who suffer from such symptoms.

Sigvaris Microfiber Shades

The Sigvaris Microfiber Shades collection is a unique range of support compression stockings, thanks to its striking colors and trendy patterns. These stockings strike the perfect balance between fashion and comfort, making them a popular choice among fashion-conscious individuals seeking therapeutic benefits.
Crafted from high-quality microfiber material, these stockings help to keep your legs feeling light and energized while promoting blood flow throughout your legs.

Sigvaris Stockings Online Price

Sr. No.

Sigvaris Stockings



Class 1 Compression – Below Knee Length – Sigvaris Cotton

₹ 5,490.00

Class 1 Compression – Below Knee length – Sigvaris Top Fine Select

₹ 3,290.00

Class 1 Compression – Thigh Length – Sigvaris Cotton

₹ 9,390.00

Class 1 Compression – Thigh length – Sigvaris Top Fine Select

₹ 5,390.00


Class 2 Compression – Below Knee Length – Sigvaris Top Fine Select

₹ 3,290.00

Class 2 Compression – Thigh Length – Sigvaris Cotton

₹ 9,390.00

Class 2 Compression – Thigh length – Sigvaris Top Fine Select

₹ 5,390.00

Class 2 Compression Below Knee Length – Sigvaris Cotton

₹ 5,490.00

Adjustable Compression – Calf Wrap – Sigvaris Compreflex

₹ 10,490.00

Adjustable Compression – Foot Wrap – Sigvaris Compreboot

₹ 4,990.00

Adjustable Compression – Left Thigh Wrap – Sigvaris Compreflex

₹ 11,090.00

Adjustable Compression – Calf Wrap – Sigvaris Compreflex

₹ 10,490.00

Adjustable Compression – Foot Wrap – Sigvaris Compreboot

₹ 4,990.00

Adjustable Compression – Left Thigh Wrap – Sigvaris Compreflex

₹ 11,090.00

Adjustable Compression – Knee Wrap – Sigvaris Compreflex

₹ 8,290.00

Adjustable Compression – Right Thigh Wrap – Sigvaris Compreflex

₹ 11,090.00

Sigvaris Doff N’ Donner

₹5,490.00 – ₹12,980.00

Sigvaris Sim-Slide


Sigvaris Washing Solution


Support Stockings- Sigvaris Microfiber Shades – For Men (Argyle)

₹ 5,490.00

Support Stockings- Sigvaris Microfiber Shades – For Men (Stripe)

₹ 5,490.00

Support Stockings- Sigvaris Samson – Below Knee Length

₹ 2,690.00

Compression Arm Sleeve – Sigvaris Advance


Compression Arm Sleeve With Shoulder Strap – Sigvaris Traditional


How to Wear & and Take Off Compression Stockings?

Wearing and taking off compression stockings can be daunting. This is because of the structure of the stockings. Compression socks are the tightest around the ankle and the tightness reduces gradually going up the leg. This makes it difficult to put on. But trust us! Once you do it a few times, you will get used to it and it WILL become easier!

Here are the simple steps you need to take to wear and take off your stockings:


  • Begin by sitting down and wearing your rubber gloves.
  • Wear the provided foot slip on your foot.
  • Put your hand inside the stockings and hold the heel section. Then, turn the top band over and pull it all the way down your arm till the heel section to create a foot pocket.
  • Place your foot inside this foot pocket and pull the sock up as high as possible till the end of the foot, near the heel.
  • Now hold the top band, turn it over and pull the stocking up your leg.
  • With flat hands, use the textured part of your gloves to adjust the rest of the stocking.
  • Ensure the heel is positioned correctly and the sock is pulled up to the knee or thigh as appropriate.
  • Smooth out any wrinkles to ensure a comfortable fit.

Taking Off:

  • Begin by sitting down and wearing your rubber gloves.
  • Hold the top band of the stocking, turn it over and carefully peel the stock down towards the ankle. Do this until the stocking is off almost till the heel.
  • Next, use your finger to remove the stocking over your heel.
  • Finally, pull the stocking out of your foot section.

Frequently Ask Question

1. Should I wear compression socks for varicose veins?

Compression socks are the gold standard in the management and prevention of varicose veins. They help improve blood circulation, prevent blood from pooling in the legs, and reduce pain and swelling. Using compression stockings regularly are also beneficial in preventing the development of other vein-related conditions. However, it is essential to consult a doctor or a specialist to determine if compression socks suit you.

2. Which stockings is good for varicose veins?

For individuals with varicose veins, medical-grade compression stockings are recommended. These stockings provide measured graduated compression to support the veins and boost blood circulation.
Medical-grade compression stockings are available in different grades of compression. Your doctor will prescribe the compression grade correct for you based on the severity of your condition and medical history.
Sigvaris offers compression stockings in class 1, 2, 3 and 4 with 1 being the lowest and 4 being the highest level of compression.

3. How long can you wear compression stockings?

The general guideline for wearing compression stockings is from morning to night, every day. To get the most out of your garment, wear the stockings first thing in the morning and take them off before going to bed. However, always follow your doctor’s advice as understands your needs and condition the best.

4. How do you fit Sigvaris compression stockings?

To find the right fit for your Sigvaris compression stocking, you will need your leg measurements. You can then refer to the size chart to select your correct size.
Each product range has its own size chart, so refer to the correct one while selecting the size! If you need help with leg measurements or size selection, contact our customer service team.

5. What is the strongest compression stocking?

The strongest Sigvaris compression stocking is Class IV compression, which provides > 49 mmHG of compression. However, this grade of compression is very rarely prescribed by doctors.
Usually, class 3 compression stockings, which provides 34 – 46 mmHg of compression is used in the treatment of severe cases, class 2 compression (23 – 32 mmHg) is used for serious to moderate conditions and class 1 compression (18 – 21 mmHg) is used for mild cases.