Compression Stockings For Women

Browse through our high-quality compression socks for women designed to apply graduated and measured pressure to improve blood circulation in the legs. Our premium range of Sigvaris stockings for women helps prevent swelling, pain, fatigue, heaviness, varicose veins, DVT, and more.

We, at NovoMed, offer a variety of compression solutions in several sizes and colours that can be worn comfortably throughout the day. Our stockings are crafted with 100% superior quality materials such as cotton, microfiber and natural rubber. The unique knitting process and blend of materials make the stockings extremely comfortable to wear as well as perfect for tropical countries like India.

Benefits Of Compression Socks For Women

There are numerous benefits of compression socks for women:

  • Improved blood circulation: The graduated compression helps to improve blood flow. This can reduce swelling, alleviate discomfort, and prevent blood from pooling in the veins.
  • Alleviation of symptoms: Compression stockings can provide relief from the symptoms associated with venous insufficiency. They help to reduce leg pain, heaviness, and fatigue, making it easier for women to engage in daily activities without discomfort.
  • Prevention of varicose veins: Compression stockings can help prevent the development of varicose veins or slow its progression by promoting proper blood flow and reducing pressure on the veins.
  • Management of edema: Compression stockings help to compress the tissues and veins, preventing fluid build up and reducing swelling in the legs and ankles.
  • Support during pregnancy: Pregnancy can put increased pressure on the veins in the legs, leading to swelling, discomfort, and an increased risk of varicose veins. Compression stockings provide support, improve circulation, and reduce leg swelling, making them beneficial for pregnant women.
  • Reduced risk of blood clots: Compression stockings can help lower the risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and blood clots.
  • Enhanced athletic performance and recovery: Compression stockings can help in improving muscle performance, reducing muscle fatigue, and facilitating faster recovery by enhancing blood flow and reducing muscle vibration.

Sigvaris Women’s Compression Stockings Price

Sr. No. Sigvaris – Women Price
1 Class 1 Compression – Below Knee Length – Sigvaris Cotton ₹ 5,490.00
2 Class 1 Compression – Below Knee length – Sigvaris Top Fine Select ₹ 3,290.00
3 Class 1 Compression – Thigh Length – Sigvaris Cotton ₹ 9,390.00
4 Class 1 Compression – Thigh length – Sigvaris Top Fine Select ₹ 5,390.00
5 Class 2 Compression – Below Knee Length – Sigvaris Top Fine Select ₹ 3,290.00
6 Class 2 Compression – Thigh Length – Sigvaris Cotton ₹ 9,390.00
7 Class 2 Compression – Thigh length – Sigvaris Top Fine Select ₹ 5,390.00
8 Class 2 Compression Below Knee Length – Sigvaris Cotton ₹ 5,490.00
9 Class 3 Compression – SIGVARIS ULCER X KIT – Below Knee Length ₹ 6,490.00
10 Adjustable Compression – Calf Wrap – Sigvaris Compreflex ₹ 10,490.00
11 Adjustable Compression – Foot Wrap – Sigvaris Compreboot ₹ 4,990.00
12 Adjustable Compression – Left Thigh Wrap – Sigvaris Compreflex ₹ 11,090.00
13 Adjustable Compression – Knee Wrap – Sigvaris Compreflex ₹ 8,290.00
14 Adjustable Compression – Right Thigh Wrap – Sigvaris Compreflex ₹ 11,090.00
15 Support Stockings- Sigvaris Samson – Below Knee Length ₹ 2,690.00

The Importance Of Wearing Compression Socks For Women

It is a common misconception that compression stockings are worn only when women are diagnosed with a medical condition. Compression stockings are also a great way to maintain healthy veins, support tired legs, and provide optimal comfort.

The premium collection of Sigvaris stockings is designed after taking into consideration women’s daily challenges.

  • Pregnant Women: An expecting mother’s body goes through several changes during pregnancy. Many pregnant women experience leg pain, swelling, fatigue as well as an increase in the risk of blood clots and varicose veins. Compression socks can help manage such symptoms as well as reduce the risk of venous conditions.
  • Women Having Sedentary / Standing Jobs: Women who need to sit or stand for prolonged periods of time due to their jobs, such as nurses, air hostesses, teachers, hairdressers and even homemakers, as at a higher risk of developing venous conditions. Support socks provide mild compression, do not need a doctor’s prescription and is an easy way for maintaining leg health, reducing swelling, and preventing severe venous insufficiencies.
  • Workouts: Compression socks can be used by women while working out for prevention of injury, improving blood circulation as well as enhancing performance and recovery.

Types Of Compression Socks For Women

There are many types compression garments that are ideal for use for women:

  • Below knee-length stockings
  • Thigh high stockings
  • Compression arm sleeves
  • Compression wraps
  • Support stockings

Our range of compression garments allow you to choose what is best for your needs and lifestyle. Each type of compression garment will serve different purposes. Browse our product catalogue of diverse materials and sizes. Refer to the sizing chart on our website.
The measurements and sizes differ depending on the product range.

Our Collection Of Compression Socks For Women

Sigvaris’s high-quality selection of women’s compression socks is designed to promote healthy blood flow to the legs. Have a look at our extensive premium range of compression stockings:

  • Sigvaris Cotton- This range is ideal for those with sensitive skin. The fabric blend and knitting technique makes it ideal for all weather conditions.
  • Sigvaris Dynaven- The soft and breathable fabric makes it very comfortable to wear.
  • Sigvaris Ulcer X Kit- These stockings are especially designed to treat venous leg ulcers. They are a 2 layer system that provide grade 3 compression.
  • Sigvaris Samson- The mild compression of these stockings is ideal for everyday use. They are suitable for traveling and for those who sit or stand for long periods.
  • Sigvaris Compreflex- These are compression wraps that come with velcro straps. These easy to wear garments can be adjusted to give a compression level of class 1, 2 or 3.

Why Choose Our Compression Socks For Women?

At NovoMed, our mission is to improve patient care and enhance the quality of people’s lives through cutting-edge technology and innovative medical products. We are the sole authorized importers of Sigvaris products in India.

Sigvaris is the global market leader in compression stockings with over 150 years on experience. The quality, materials used and durability of the compression garments are a few factors that make Sigvaris one of the best compression options on the market.

The over-the-counter compression garments available in the market are usually labelled as S, M, or L, which does not cover the diverse shapes and sizes of Indian legs. Novomedshop offers the entire range of Sigvaris stockings, including a robust sizing system with plus sizes as well as different length options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Compression Stockings For Women Be Worn All Day?

Yes, absolutely. Wearing compression stockings will help your legs feel better, whether working out, running errands, or having a sedentary or standing job. While support socks can be worn by anyone, it is always recommended to consult a doctor before wearing medical compression stockings.

Who Should Wear Compression Stockings For Women?

Compression socks are suitable for any women who is suffering from a venous condition. Additionally, compression socks are also helpful for women who leads a sedentary lifestyle, are required to stand long hours at a stretch, are pregnant or have a family history of venous insufficiency.

Can Compression Stockings For Women Be Worn During Exercise?

Yes, compression stockings for women can be worn during exercise. In fact, many athletes and fitness enthusiasts utilize compression socks as part of their workout gear. Wearing compression socks during exercise improves blood circulation, reduces muscle vibration, enhances muscle recovery and can even prevent injury.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Wearing Compression Stockings For Women?

While compression stockings for women are generally safe to wear, there can be some potential side effects if they are not used properly. If the compression socks are of a smaller size, then they can restrict blood flow, causing discomfort and uneasiness in the legs.

If one suffers from a pre-existing arterial condition, it’s crucial to consult with your doctor before using compression stockings to ensure they are correct for your situation.
Overall, most side effects can be minimized or avoided by following proper usage guidelines, selecting the right size and compression level, and seeking guidance from a doctor.

Can I Wear Compression Stockings If I Have Allergies?

If you are allergic to the fabric or material used in the compression stockings, then you may find it difficult to use the garment. However, there are many fabric options available in compression stockings, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

If you have sensitive skin, choosing a well-established brand can ensure better quality materials, and thus lowering risk of allergic reactions.

Can I Wear Compression Stockings During Pregnancy?

Compression stockings for women are recommended from the first trimester through the last. It will help you have an active pregnancy and keep your veins healthy.

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