Compression Stockings Accessories

We have developed a range of compression stocking accessories to assist individuals who face challenges in donning and doffing their compression garments. These accessories benefit patients with limited mobility or restricted range of motion. As a result, these accessories require less effort and strength and promote convenience while wearing compression stockings

In our pursuit to assist patients grappling with varicose veins, swelling, and pain through the design of compression therapy garments, our innovative range of accessories prevents snags and tears in compression stockings. This not only safeguards the fabric’s durability but also alleviates the need for individuals to exert excessive force or experience difficulty in the donning and doffing process. By incorporating these accessories into their routine, individuals can maintain the integrity of their compression garments without the inconvenience of bending at the hip or struggling with wearing and removing the stockings.

Compression Stockings Accessories Product Range

Within our selection of stocking accessories, you will find the Sigvaris Doff n Donner, Sigvaris Slim-Slide, and Sigvaris washing solution, each meticulously crafted with the patient’s convenience in mind. 

These accessories have been thoughtfully designed to cater to practical, everyday needs, especially for patients with limited mobility. The Sigvaris Doff n Donner facilitates easier donning and doffing of compression stockings, while the Sigvaris Slim-Slide aids in smooth application. Additionally, the Sigvaris washing solution ensures proper care and maintenance of the garments, further enhancing their longevity.

Sigvaris Doff n Donner 

The Doff n Donner device is an invaluable tool for patients facing difficulties in bending or those with physical weakness that impedes wearing compression socks. Consisting of two essential parts, the jelly and the cone, this device streamlines the donning and doffing of compression stockings. 

The jelly component facilitates effortless sliding of the compression arm sleeve or stocking, ensuring swift application. Complementing this, the cone simplifies the rolling process onto the jelly and aids in unrolling the compression stocking. Its base features a suction cup for secure attachment to flat surfaces, enhancing its usability and practicality for individuals with limited mobility.

Sigvaris Washing Solution

Our washing solution is a vital companion in extending the longevity of compression garment fabrics. Formulated without harsh or harmful chemicals, bleach, or fabric softeners, this solution provides gentle yet effective care. Ideal for hand washing various compression garments such as sleeves, wraps, and support socks, it ensures meticulous care and maintenance. Beyond compression wear, it caters to delicate laundry needs, guaranteeing optimal garment care. 

Sigvaris Slim-Slide

Our Sigvaris Slim-Slide is an invaluable accessory designed specifically for open-toe compression stockings, be it thigh-high or below-knee, facilitating effortless and swift removal of the garment. This innovative tool greatly simplifies the donning and doffing of stockings with minimal effort. 

By reducing the strain on patients, the Slim-Slide enhances ease of use and contributes to the durability and tear-resistance of the compression stockings. Its thoughtful design ensures a smoother patient experience, promoting comfort and convenience in their daily routine of wearing compression garments.

Compression Stockings Accessories Product Information

Our compression stockings accessories are crucial in promoting patient independence and confidence. These accessories simplify wearing and removing compression garments, alleviating the challenges faced by individuals with limited mobility. By offering ease of use and convenience, our accessories empower patients to manage their compression therapy independently, fostering a sense of control over their treatment. This also enhances the quality of life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.How do you use Donner and Doff? 

To use the Doff n Donner, roll the compression stocking down onto the jelly sleeve after placing it over the cone. The stocking may be easily put on by rolling it onto the limb using the jelly surface. When ready to take the stocking off, roll it onto the cone. Then, roll it off the limb with ease.

Q2. How do you use compression stocking aid?

Before using compression stocking assistance, make sure the foot piece is at the bottom of the stocking and lay it over the frame. The next step is to slip the foot into the stocking and guide it into position by pulling the assistance up the leg using the grips. The device makes it easy for people with mobility issues to wear compression stockings without bending or stretching too much.

Q3. What is a doffing aid?

A doffing aid helps in the easy removal of the compression socks. It guides the patient to wear the garment correctly and helps maintain longevity without tears. 

Q4. What is Sigvaris washing solution?

Because of the washing solution, people may easily wash their clothes by hand. The fact that the Sigvaris washing solution does not include any bleach, chemicals, or fabric softener is its most significant advantage. The fabric’s quality and elasticity remain intact in this way. 

Q5. What is a donning aid?

With donning aids, one may easily wear compression garments such as wraps, pants, or thigh-high stockings without bending downward or stooping over.

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