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As a makeup artist, I need to stand a lot for my work. I started to notice that there is a significant difference in how my legs feel after a day at work when I wear Sigvaris compression socks versus when I forget to!

Ritika, 30


Over the years I have been advised to wear compression stockings for my varicose veins. I have spent a lot of money on different brands but was always uncomfortable in them. They were either too tight, too loose, or the fabric was heavy and made me feel hot. I finally gave up wearing them. Now after a vein procedure, my surgeon recommended Sigvaris. They are so comfortable to wear and I can feel the difference in my legs. Also, they surprisingly keep my legs cool!

Manoj L., 46


I am a baker so I am on my feet all day. At night, I used to feel like my legs were on fire because of all the pain and swelling. I started wearing Sigvaris a few months ago and the difference is tremendous! They give me excellent support and my legs feel so light!

Saloni, 58


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