Dynaven-Fine Select Compression Stocking

Experience the all-new Sigvaris Dynaven Compression Stockings- The same trusted quality with a fresh look.

Introducing Sigvaris Dynven, formerly known as Sigvaris Top Fine Select. We are pleased to unveil our updated packaging with a refreshing look and stocking color, transitioning to a darker and deeper color from the previous light hue. Apart from the upgraded look, our commitment to unwavering quality and performance remains unchanged. 

Dynaven compression socks are crafted with 68% polyamide and 32% elastane, offering a perfect blend of flexibility and support. NovoMedShop emphasizes providing optimal support to individuals experiencing fatigued legs, relief from mild to severe varicose veins, and post-operative venous ulcer management. Our stockings are meticulously crafted with topmost Swiss quality to enhance blood circulation, offering lasting relief and comfort throughout the day. 

Available in various sizes, Dynaven compression stockings guarantee a precise fit for all individuals. The fabric, soft to the touch, is designed to be gentle on the skin, providing comfort for extended wear.

Sigvaris Dynaven Compression Socks Product Range

Dynaven medical compression socks are a trusted solution for your tired and achy feet, providing the support and comfort you need. You can embrace the premium collection with two versatile open-toe styles in below-knee and thigh-high categories. Available in two compression levels, level 1 (18-23mmHg) and level 2 (23-32mmHg), these stockings come in various sizes from S to L with short and long options. 

Crafted in a universally flattering skin color for exceptional wearability, Dynaven compression stockings are designed to elevate your comfort. Our collection is versatile in its application; they serve as indispensable support socks for daily wear and essential companions for travel to reduce the risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Our premium range of Dynaven compression socks is also highly recommended for various medical purposes. 

Suitable for both men and women, these unisex stockings cater to individual symptoms and medical advice. The Dynaven medical compression socks are meticulously crafted to promote blood circulation and effectively alleviate symptoms of venous insufficiencies and lymphatic conditions. These stockings feature graduated compression and an anti-slippage design, providing optimal support and ensuring perfect hold comfortably.

Class 1 Dynaven Compression Socks Below-Knee

  • Class 1 compression stockings provide graduated compression from ankle to calf 18-23 mmHg.
  • Class 1 (18-23 mmHg) are perfect for traveling and can be worn by pregnant females for extra support to boost blood circulation and prevent varicose veins. 
  • These stockings are ideal for everyday use to minimize leg swelling.
  • Recommended for individuals who have a desk job and are required to stand or sit for a long time.

Class 2 Dynaven Compression stockings Below-Knee

  • Class 2 compression stockings provide graduated compression from ankle to calf with 23-32 mmHg. 
  • Class 2 (23-32 mmHg) are ideal for post-surgical applications, healing of venous ulcers, and severe varicose veins. 
  • They are ideal for reducing chronic venous insufficiency and are designed for therapeutic use to manage specific leg conditions.

Class 1 Dynaven Compression Socks Thigh-High

  • With graduated compression of 18-23 mmHg, these socks are ideal for improving blood circulation and relieving symptoms catering to mild varicose veins. 
  • Aids in the prevention of DVT during pregnancy 
  • Perfect for immobile patients who are at a higher risk of developing DVT and embolism.

Class 2 Dynaven Compression Socks Thigh-High

  • Designed with a graduated pressure of 23-32 mmHg, they are perfect for patients suffering from chronic venous insufficiency.
  • Recommended for individuals to relieve chronically fatigued legs 
  • Provide relief from severe swelling in pregnancy
  • Helps in faster management of venous ulcers.

Sigvaris Dynaven Compression Socks Features

  • Built with durable, high-quality fabric, the garment ensures longevity.
  • The fabric is breathable, prevents itching and chafing
  • Even with daily use, the garment has anti-moisture-wicking properties
  • The anti-slip band provides a comfortable fit without digging into the skin. 
  • Provides optimal support and comfort by enhancing blood circulation and reducing blood pooling risk. 
  • The seamless design and fit are available in various sizes for all leg shapes.
  • Unisex compression garments are available in open-toe, level 1, and 2 compressions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Dynaven The Same As Sigvaris?

Dynaven is a premium collection of below-knee and thigh-high socks crafted under the Sigvaris brand, which offers high-quality compression garments for various medical purposes.

Q2. What compression levels are available for Dynaven-Fine Select Compression Stockings?

Dynaven medical compression socks are available in two compression levels to suit your needs. Class 1 gives a graduated pressure of 18-23 mmHg, and class 2 provides a graduated compression of 23-32 mmHg.

Q3. What conditions are Dynaven-Fine Select Compression Stockings suitable for?

Dynaven compression stockings are ideal for managing various conditions, such as swelling, mild to severe varicose veins, lymphatic drainage, chronic venous insufficiency, post-thrombotic syndrome, etc.

Q4. Are Dynaven-Fine Select Compression Stockings suitable for pregnant women?

Yes, absolutely. Depending on the swelling and discomfort, pregnant women can wear Dynaven compression socks on the advice of their gynecologist. It can benefit them as it can alleviate pain and prevent the risk of varicose veins.

Q5. Can I wear Dynaven-Fine Select Compression Stockings all day?

Yes, Dynaven-Fine Select Compression Stockings are very comfortable and may be worn all day long. Whether on the go, at your desk, or just going about your day, these socks will support your feet and legs for hours.

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