How To Choose the Correct Size



Your experience and the benefit you get from compression stockings will greatly depend on the fit of the garment. Ensuring that your size is correct is a must – never estimate, always measure!

Each Sigvaris collection comes with its own size chart. Once you’ve taken your measurements, all you need to do is select the right size.


Support Stockings

Sizes for support stockings are based on your shoe size. Refer to the size chart for each product style and choose accordingly.

Medical Compression Stockings

 Each medical compression collection has a different sizing chart, depending on its type. These are based on your leg measurements.

Taking the right measurements is vital to get the optimal therapeutic benefits from your compression garment. Wearing the wrong size compression stocking is not just uncomfortable, but can also make a condition worse.

To make sure you find just the right fit for you, Sigvaris has one of world’s most robust sizing systems. Developed from a database of thousands of body scans, Sigvaris medical sizing charts are the most precise in the industry.


Measuring for Below-Knee Length Stockings (3 Easy Steps)

Novomed_Instruction Illusrations-01
Novomed_Instruction Illusrations-02
Novomed_Instruction Illusrations-03

Measuring for Thigh Length Stockings (4 Easy Steps)

Novomed_Instruction Illusrations-01
Novomed_Instruction Illusrations-02
Novomed_Instruction Illusrations-04
Novomed_Instruction Illusrations-05

In-between sizes? Here’s what you can do!

Prioritize your ankle measurement. Since the compression at your ankle is 100%, it becomes imperative to have the perfect fit at the ankle.

Refer to our sample size chart below – if your ankle measurement (cB) is slightly under 22 cm, choose the XS or XS Plus size. If it is slightly over 22 cm, go with the S or S Plus size.




Taking Measurements – Best Practices

    • Take your measurements first thing in the morning. This is the time when there is minimal swelling – the ideal time to get the most accurate fit
    • Stand with your feet placed flat on the floor
    • Allow a friend or family member to take your measurements
    • Take snug measurements against your bare skin without clothes, ensuring that the measuring tape is not too tight or too loose
    • We want to make sure you get the maximum benefit from your compression garment – measure accurately for best results!

If you have any difficulty in taking your measurements or finding the correct size, contact our team of experts on