Samson Compression Stockings

Say bye-bye to tired and achy legs with our Samson socks!

Sigvaris Samson compression socks are unisex support stockings. They provide mild compression by gently squeezing the legs to promote blood flow. The below-knee length support stockings are great for preventing the onset of varicose veins and alleviating the discomfort of chronically tired legs and mild swelling. 

The closed-toe design of Samson compression stockings makes them suitable for all-day use. They’re great for people who have to stand for a prolonged period at work or spend a long time on the road for more than 4-5 hours. Wearing support stockings on an airplane will help keep your legs in the best possible position and allow the blood to return to your heart more efficiently, making you feel more comfortable.

Product Range

Three standard colors for support stockings are black, beige, and marine. The sizes of Sigvaris Samson are based on shoe sizes. We have six different sizes, from one to six. Samson support stockings are available in a size chart corresponding to British and American shoe sizes. 

Sigvaris Samson support stockings offer maximum comfort due to the flat toe seam, which is ideal in various situations. So, professionals like doctors, nurses, teachers, IT professionals, managers with desk jobs, drivers, etc, can all benefit from wearing cotton support stockings. 

Sigvaris Samson Features

  • Samson compression stockings are made of cotton
  • The material is skin-friendly and prevents odor
  • Ideal for individuals with a sedentary lifestyle
  • It can be a great companion during travel: Car or flights, long journeys in general. 
  • Great for athletes and can be worn during workouts
  • Beneficial for pregnant women to avoid symptoms of spider or varicose veins
  • Lower compression than medical compression level 1 is suitable for the prevention and risk of developing blood clots or DVT.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Sigvaris Samson Compression Stockings Be Worn During Long Car Rides?

Yes, support stockings are also called traveling socks. You must wear Sigvaris Samson during long journeys via cars, trains, or flights as it can effectively promote healthy blood circulation and prevent blood pooling in the legs.

Are Sigvaris Samson Compression Stockings Available In Different Sizes?

Yes, we offer 6 sizes, from 1-6. The sizes are based on your shoe size. We have a detailed infographic sizing chart to help you determine the correct size for our Samson socks.

Are Sigvaris Samson Compression Stockings Suitable For Men And Women?

Our Samson support stockings are unisex. Anyone can don it depending on the requirement. Our colors are also neutral enough to be worn under various clothing and bottoms.

What Are The Risks Of Wearing Sigvaris Samson Compression Socks?

There is absolutely no risk in wearing support stockings. As the same suggests, support stockings are worn to promote blood flow and keep your legs comfortable and light. Also, it is ideal for individuals with tired feet and mild swelling to help them prevent varicose veins and other venous insufficiency.

What Should I Do If My Sigvaris Samson Compression Socks Start To Wear Out?

Ideally, it is recommended to replace your garment every six months to retain the pressure and elasticity of the garment. But, it is equally important to care for your support stockings correctly. Wash the garment after every use. It will bring back the fabric’s original shape. Air dry the garment. 

Also, if you have a few loose threads, there is nothing to worry about until it delivers the correct support your legs need.

Can I Wear Sigvaris Samson If I Have Allergies?

Yes, our Samon stockings are made of premium breathable cotton. So, you can wear them without a problem. But, if you face skin allergies like dry skin, topical edema, or other skin disorders. In that case, it is always advised to take medical guidance from your doctor regarding the dos and don’ts.

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