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Putting on and taking of compression stockings is a challenge for many stocking wearers.  

The Sigvaris Sim-slide is ideal for wearing and taking off open-toe stockings, easily and quickly. A special coating on the material reduces friction and allows the stockings to slip over the ankle easily and effortlessly.

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Due to the graduated compression, it is challenging for most people to pull the stocking over the ankle and position it correctly on the leg. There is often the added difficulty of limited mobility or insufficient strength in the hands and fingers. All this combined can make putting on a stocking a huge effort.

The Sigvaris Sim-slide is ideal for wearing and taking off open-toe stockings.

Features of the Sigvaris Sim-slide:

  • Easy and practical to use
  • Small, light and can be carried anywhere
  •  Made of innovative easy-slide materials
  • Durable and tear-resistant
  • Easy Care: Hand Wash at 30 C

The advantages of a donning device:

  • Putting on and removing stockings quickly and easily
  • Less effort required
  • Lesser pulling and tugging while wearing and taking off the stockings helps your compression stockings last longer
  • Increased independence for the wearer





  • To wear and take off open-toe stockings
  • Can be use for both, below-knee length as well as thigh length stockings
  • Can be used for compression stockings of any size
  • Can be used for compression stockings of any brand 




sigvaris sim-lside






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