Class 1 Compression Stockings

Compression Stockings for Varicose Veins Class 1

Medical compression garments are produced under strict technical specifications and provide different levels of precise graduated compression. Your doctor will determine the right level for you, depending on the need and severity of your issue. Manufactured in Switzerland, all Sigvaris stockings are RAL-certified. The RAL quality mark is the German standard for guaranteed medical benefits from compression products.

Medical Compression Class 1 (18-21 mmHg)

• First Level In Medical Compression
• Moderate Compression
• Relief From Tired Legs During Pregnancy
• Helps Prevent Economy Class Syndrome
• Mild Symptoms Of Varicose Veins

Class 1 Compression stockings are the first or lowest level of compression in medical-grade stockings. It provides a moderate compression of 18-21 mmHg.
Compression stockings apply graduated compression to your legs; this means that they are tightest around the ankle and then this tightness progressively reduces going up the leg. This structure enhances blood circulation, supports the veins, and prevents blood from pooling in the legs. Medical compression stockings are the gold standard in the management of venous disease and lymphatic disease. They’re also an excellent option if you are at high risk of developing these conditions and want to prevent their occurrence.

Class 1 Compression Stockings Price

Sr. No. Sigvaris Class 1 Compression Stockings Price
1 Class 1 Compression – Below Knee Length – Sigvaris Cotton ₹ 5,490.00
2 Class 1 Compression – Below Knee length – Sigvaris Top Fine Select ₹ 3,290.00
3 Class 1 Compression – Thigh Length – Sigvaris Cotton ₹ 9,390.00
4 Class 1 Compression – Thigh length – Sigvaris Top Fine Select ₹ 5,390.00

Medical Grade Class 1 Compression Stockings And Their Uses

Class 1 compression stockings are commonly used for:
• Relief from symptoms of mild varicose veins
• Preventive measure for pregnant women at risk of developing varicose veins
• Relief from swelling and tired legs during pregnancy
• Prevention of ‘economy class syndrome’ or deep vein thrombosis during travel
• Preventive measures for immobile patients at risk of developing thrombosis and embolism

Who Can Use Class 1 Compression Stockings?

Class 1 compression stockings are the lowest level of medical compression. Generally, this grade of compression is safe for anyone to use and does not need a doctor’s prescription. They can be used as a preventive measure and to manage mild venous insufficiency symptoms. Suppose you suffer from certain medical conditions such as peripheral arterial disease, congestive heart failure, advanced peripheral neuropathy, or rheumatoid arthritis. In that case, we recommend speaking to your doctor before wearing compression of any kind.

How Does This Compression Level Stocking Work?

Class 1 compression stockings are made under strict technical specifications to give precise compression that is ‘graduated.’ The stockings are tightest around the ankle, and then this tightness progressively reduces going up the leg. This structure supports the veins, prevents blood from ‘pooling,’ and helps push the blood back up toward the heart. Class 1 compression stockings are also ideal for preventing any vein-related disorders.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between class1 and Class 2 compression stockings?

Medical compression stockings are available in different compression classes, such as class 1, class 2, etc. This defines how tight the stockings are or how much pressure they give. It is basically the numeric value of the compression that the stockings give. Class 1 compression gives 18-21mmHg compression, and class 2 offers 23-32mmHg compression.
The compression class must be prescribed by your doctor and depends on your current condition as well as your medical history.

What level of compression stockings do I need?

Before you consider wearing a medical compression stocking, it’s a good idea to check with your doctor to see if compression stockings are correct for you. If your doctor sees fit, they will advise you on the compression level that will be ideal for your condition and symptoms.

How do I choose the right size compression stockings?

You can visit our website to refer to the sizing chart. In addition, there is a detailed description of how to take the correct measurement for your compression stockings.
Always remember that each brand and each product range has its own sizing system. Refer to the correct size chart to ensure that you are selecting the correct size.
If you need help with sizing, we have a team of experts available to speak with you and guide you correctly. Contact us via email, Whatsapp or call.

How do I Know What Strength Compression Sock To Get?

We recommend that you see a doctor for an evaluation to determine the severity of your condition. The best person to advise you about the strength of the compression sock is your doctor.

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