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Compression wraps are a great alternative to medical compression garments. Designed to move with you, the Sigvaris Compreflex Thigh delivers consistent compression without impeding your range of motion or impacting your comfort. Each compression garment is designed with features that make it easy to put on and take off, giving you the freedom and independence to wear your garment as needed.

Size Guide

First, ask a family member or friend to measure your legs. Then, use the size chart below to find the correct size for you.

How to Measure:


Size Chart:


Shipping & Returns
Before we ship your orders, we want to make sure that the product you have selected is right for you! So, within 24 hours of placing your order, your will receive a call from our product specialist to confirm if the product, size and compression class selection is correct and as per your need. We will ship your order only after receiving this confirmation. 
If you would like to verify your size selection, keep your measurements handy! We will also be happy to assist you with any other questions that you may have about the product and its use. 
To minimize delays in shipping, choose you size as per the size chart and after carefully and correctly measuring your legs as per the instructions.    
95% of all orders are shipped within 24 – 48 hours. Depending on where you are located, your order should reach you within 4-5 working days. This is an estimated timeline. We will share all relevant order status details with you by email. In case of unexpected travel delays, we will keep you informed on the status of your order.
You can read about our return policy here
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  • Made of Breathe-O-Prene material which is soft and conforming. It gives a comfortable fit and keeps the leg cool
  • Product material is short-stretch, allowing a firm compressive hold
  • Inner stretch panel and straps that roll back makes the garment easy to don and adjust, improving compliance

  Box contains:

  • 1 adjustable compression wrap for the right thigh
  • A pair of Cotton Liner without compression (colour: white)
  • AccuTab Device to set the desired compression level of medical class 1, 2 or 3 easily and accurately
  • Belt and Hip Attachment to secure garment in place and give a comfortable fit

FOR FULL LEG COMPRESSION – pair with Sigvaris Compreflex Calf and Knee wraps






  • Individuals with lymphedema and lipedema
  • Individuals with venous ulcers
  • Those suffering from chronic venous insufficiency
  • Those suffering from chronic edema
  • Those who are unable to wear medical compression stockings due to difficulty of putting on higher compression classes


The compression class or medical grade must be prescribed by your doctor. They will determine the right compression level for you based on the need and severity of your condition. 



If you suffer from peripheral arterial disease, congestive heart failure, advanced peripheral neuropathy, diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis (RA), please consult your doctor before wearing medical compression garments.





First, ask a family member or friend to measure your legs. Then, use the size chart below to find the correct size for you.

How to Measure:


Size Chart:



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