Ulcer X Kit for venous ulcers

Sigvaris Ulcer X Kit Features

The Sigvaris Ulcer X Kit is a whole set of compression stockings that offer patients with venous ulcers the highest amount of relief and other advantages. These compression stockings come in a set of two; overstocking and understocking styles, each with a unique benefit. While the overstocking can be worn throughout the day, the understocking can be worn at all times. By exerting modest pressure and keeping the wound dressing in place, the Ulcer X Sigvaris understocking delivers the best level of comfort to venous ulcer patients at night.

Best features of Sigvaris Ulcer X Stockings

  • Faster Healing: Sigvaris Ulcer X Stockings heals venous ulcers faster when compared with traditional compression bandages. Due to complete skin closure, these compression stockings work quicker and better in case of healing ulcer wounds. 
  • Better Fitting: Ulcer X Sigvaris Stockings provide a greater fit because they are available in specified sizes. These compression stockings perfectly fit the user’s legs without sliding off or being overly tight.
  • Controlled Pressure: Sigvaris Ulcer stockings are meant to deliver controlled, consistent pressure, which speeds up healing and lowers discomfort. This stocking set provides Class 3 compression (34 – 46 mmHg). This maximum level of compression is ideal for venous ulcers. 
  • Maximum Comfort: The liner of Ulcer X Sigvaris is made from a blend of different materials Polyamide, Elastane, and Cotton. Cotton maximises comfort and makes the stockings breathable for continued use. 
  • Works Great With Shoes: Patients can wear the Sigvaris Ulcer X Socks all day long without unpleasantness because they work with shoes. In order to fit better and cause less discomfort, these stockings include open-toe cuts. 
  • Easy to Use: These Sigvaris compression stockings are easy to don and can be worn conveniently. The excellent quality fabrics make them easy to wear, and both the compression stockings effortlessly glide on each other without creating any unpleasant pressure. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I store the Sigvaris Ulcer X Kit when not in use?

It is recommended that you wash and store your Ulcer Sigvaris stockings after every use. Hand wash these stockings with a bit of detergent in lukewarm water. Avoid the use of any fabric softener or harsh chemicals. Do not twist the stockings to dry them out. Instead, gently ball them up, squeeze them to remove excess water, and air dry them. 

Is the Sigvaris Ulcer X Kit suitable for pregnant women with ulcers?

Pregnant women with leg ulcers can wear prescribed compression stockings as an aid against the condition. These help improve blood circulation and prevent the condition from worsening. 

Can the Sigvaris Ulcer X Kit be used on open wounds?

It is advised that you dress your wounds and then use compression stockings over them. This assists the healing process and gives faster recovery of wounds. 

Can I cut the Sigvaris Ulcer X Kit to fit my leg?

You should always buy compression stockings prescribed by your doctor as they suggest you the right style and compression class level. One should not cut their compression stockings as this would be uncomfortable wear, and if they’re graduated compression, they won’t be able to apply the said compression. 

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