Arm Compression Sleeve

To help prevent and manage lymphedema in the arms, Sigvaris has come up with a unique compression sleeve. We offer a graduated compression pressure range of 23-32 mmHg. This sleeve provides unparalleled support while effectively reducing swelling in the arms. Applying gentle yet firm pressure impedes the progression of lymphedema, serving as a pivotal tool in its management. 

Beyond its medical applications, this compression garment also benefits athletes. Athletes can experience reduced muscle stiffness and soreness, enhancing their range of motion and performance. The mechanism behind compression garments is rooted in their ability to establish a pressure gradient, facilitating the redirection of fluids away from affected areas in the arm. By alleviating pain and swelling associated with lymphedema, this arm compression sleeve emerges as an essential aid in promoting comfort and mobility for individuals seeking comprehensive care.

Arm Sleeve Compression Product Range

Our collection boasts two Class 2 compression sleeves, offering a pressure range of 23-32 mmHg for adequate therapeutic support. These sleeves are available in skin color and have versatile options to suit individual preferences. Choose between sleeves with or without mittens, providing flexibility and comfort per one’s preferences. Additionally, we offer two variants: one equipped with a shoulder strap for enhanced stability and the other featuring a grip top for added security. Both designs ensure graduated pressure distribution along the arm, promoting circulation and reducing swelling. Crafted from durable yet breathable fabric, these sleeves prioritize comfort and longevity, making them an indispensable choice for those seeking reliable arm compression solutions.

Compression Arm Sleeve With Grip Top-Sigvaris Traditional

  • The Compression arm sleeve with Grip Top by Sigvaris Traditional is meticulously crafted from Swiss cotton, ensuring exceptional breathability and comfort for prolonged wear.
  •  Designed for long-lasting use, this sleeve maintains its elasticity even after numerous washes, offering consistent support and compression.
  • With a medical-grade graduated compression level of 23-32 mmHg, this sleeve effectively aids in managing lymphedema of the arms, promoting healthy circulation and reducing swelling.
  • Specifically tailored for patients requiring lymphedema management, this sleeve is an essential tool in the comprehensive treatment of this condition.
  • Beyond therapeutic use, individuals can also utilize this sleeve preventively for various lymphatic conditions, ensuring proactive care and support for arm health under the guidance of a medical practitioner.

Compression Arm Sleeve With Shoulder Strap

  • This arm compression sleeve variant has a shoulder strap, providing additional support and comfort tailored to individual preferences.
  • Despite the added shoulder strap, the effectiveness and impact of the arm sleeve remain unchanged, offering the same therapeutic benefits for lymphedema management and proactive care for various lymphatic conditions.
  • The 23-32 mmHg graded pressure promotes circulation, reduces swelling, and provides comfort.
  • The top-notch quality of the fabric makes it breathable and durable against sweat or any climatic conditions.
  • The arm sleeves promote blood circulation and help to manage lymphedema in the arms.

Arm Sleeve Compression Features

  • Comes in two variants: a top grip and a shoulder strap
  • Comes with the option of choosing the arm sleeve with or without mittens
  • It is unisex 
  • Provides a medical-grade compression pressure of 23-32 mmHg. 
  • Available in skin color 
  • The fabric is 100% Swizz cotton with RAL certification, 70% polyamide, and 30% elastane.
  • Reduces pain and swelling

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What does compression sleeve do for arm?

The arm compression sleeve applies moderate pressure on the arm by gently squeezing it, improving circulation, reducing swelling, and providing comfort for patients suffering from lymphedema. It also helps faster recovery from injuries, aiding muscle recovery and soreness. 

Q2. How many hours should you wear an arm compression sleeve?

Depending on the medical condition and your doctor’s advice, compression socks for arms should be worn for at least 8-10 hours daily. The duration will also depend on the nature of the work and physical activity you perform during the day. 

Q3. Do compression sleeves reduce arm fat?

No, no proven scientific evidence exists that wearing a compression sleeve reduces arm fat. The primary task of a compression sleeve for the arm is to provide relief from lymphatic conditions and help with muscle recovery. 

Q4. How tight should compression arm sleeves be?

An arm compression garment must not be too restrictive for your movement, neither should it be loose. It should snugly fit you and apply pressure, promoting your overall arm health. 

Q5. How do I know my arm sleeve size?

To find the best arm compression sleeve fit, measure your elbow, upper arm, and wrist. Also, you can consult your doctor for further information to help you select the right fit.

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