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Who We Are

At NovoMed, we’re passionate about making high-quality specialty medical devices accessible throughout the Indian subcontinent and beyond. The role of quality healthcare can hardly be overstated. This drives us to draw on our deep industry knowledge and strong global network to give patients the care they truly deserve.

Our directors have over four decades of industry experience, working with healthcare professionals and catering to their evolving needs. This has helped us consistently deliver a high level of service, supplying quality products to all major hospitals across India.

NovoMed Webshop

With NovoMed Webshop, we’re expanding our expertise directly to customers who are looking for innovative, technology-driven products that can enhance their lives.

We’re the only authorized importer of Sigvaris products in India, a company that is the global leader in medical compression stockings. This lets us bring you the best in compression therapy right to your doorstep.

People and patient care are at the core of our success – our experienced and passionate team helps us deliver better quality care and exceptional service.

About Sigvaris

  • Global market leader – medical compression garments
  • Innovator in compression technology
  • Uses premium natural fabrics for medical compression
  • Textile intelligence with unique sizing system
  • Wide collection that provides solutions for everyone
A Swiss family-owned company, Sigvaris has a rich history and more than 150 years of experience in compression solutions. Sigvaris understands both medical and lifestyle requirements, offering a wide range of specialized products that cater to every need.

This includes supporting the changing needs of patients with lymphedema, lipedema and venous disorders like varicose veins, deep vein thrombosis and leg ulcers. The company also offers preventive solutions for leg pain and swelling resulting from day-to-day activities like travel and sitting or standing for long hours. Sigvaris products are designed to offer therapeutic support that cater to your way of life.