Below Knee Length Compression Stockings

At Novomedshop, we offer various categories of below-knee stockings for men and women with different compression levels, colours, materials, and styles. These stockings provide graduated compression from the ankle to the calf.

Below knee compression stockings are available in open-toe style as well as closed toe style. The soft top band provides a comfortable hold without any added pressure. This prevents slippage without compromising on the graduated nature of the compression.

These below knee stockings enhance blood circulation, reduce pain and swelling, and help manage the symptoms of venous and lymphatic conditions.  

Our below-knee stockings are designed and manufactured by Sigvaris Group, a Swiss company with over 150 years of experience in compression technology.

Below Knee Length Compression Stockings Price

Sr. No. Products – Below Knee Length Price
1 Class 1 Compression – Below Knee Length – Sigvaris Cotton ₹ 5,490.00
2 Class 1 Compression – Below Knee length – Sigvaris Top Fine Select ₹ 3,290.00
3 Class 2 Compression – Below Knee Length – Sigvaris Top Fine Select ₹ 3,290.00
4 Class 2 Compression Below Knee Length – Sigvaris Cotton ₹ 5,490.00
5 Class 3 Compression – SIGVARIS ULCER X KIT – Below Knee Length ₹ 6,490.00
6 Adjustable Compression – Calf Wrap – Sigvaris Compreflex ₹ 10,490.00
7 Support Stockings – Sigvaris Microfiber Shades – For Men (Argyle) ₹ 5,490.00
8 Support Stockings – Sigvaris Microfiber Shades – For Men (Stripe) ₹ 5,490.00
9 Support Stockings – Sigvaris Samson – Below Knee Length ₹ 2,690.00

Benefits Of Below-Knee Stockings

Sigvaris compression socks in below knee length offer the following benefits:

  • Supports veins
  • Promotes healthy blood circulation in the legs
  • Prevents blood from pooling in the lower legs and feet
  • Prevents blood clots or thrombosis
  • Helps in the management of chronic venous ulcers
  •  Prevents varicose veins 
  • Prevents pain, swelling and fatigue 

Features Of Below Knee Stockings

Sigvaris is well-known for providing high quality medical compression garments that are comfortable as well as effective. Other features of our below-knee stockings are:

  • Wide sizing chart with plus sizes ensures a comfortable fit for all leg shapes
  • Available in different compression levels: ideal for everyday use, travel, management of varicose veins, swelling, and for other medical purposes
  • The anti-slip band’s grip is soft and comfortable on the skin 
  • Ideal in extreme weather conditions
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • The garments are of superior quality, making them long-lasting 

Our Collection Of Below Knee Compression Stockings

You can shop from our collection of below-knee compression garments depending on your requirements:

Based On Compression Strength/Usage

We offer multiple compression levels:

  1. Support
  2. Compression Class 1 (18-21 mmHg)
  3. Compression Class 2 (23-32mmHg)
  4. Compression Class 3 (34-46mmHg)

Your medical condition and its severity will determine which compression class is best for you. It is recommended that you consult your doctor about the compression grade and do not self-prescribe.

Based On Fabric

We have a wide selection of fabrics available:

  1. Cotton Blend
  2. Synthetic Blend
  3. Natural Rubber Blend

Sigvaris uses premium quality materials for all their garments. Their advanced knitting technology ensures that the stockings are comfortable and breathable without compromising on the compression.    

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Are There Any Specific Brands Or Materials That Are Best For Below Knee Stockings?

Sigvaris has collaborated with multiple medical professionals to create the best compression garments for venous and lymphatic conditions. Our products are crafted in Switzerland, with Swiss materials and technology. All stockings are RAL-certified. 

Q.2 How Do I Choose The Right Size Below Knee Stockings?

Each Sigvaris product range has its own sizing chart. The sizing charts for each product range is available on our website, which you can refer to. The sizing for all medical compression stockings are based on leg measurements.

Follow these steps to get the correct sizes for below-knee stockings:

  • The first step is to measure the circumference of the narrowest part of your ankle
  • Then measure the circumference of the calf 2 cm below or 2 finger-width below the knee bend. 
  • Finally, measure the leg length from the floor to 2 cm below the knee bend  

Q.3 Do I Need A Prescription To Buy Below-Knee Stockings?

You can buy over-the-counter support stockings as the compression is mild and can be worn for preventive measures. But, it is recommended to consult a doctor before buying below-knee socks with a compression class over grade 1 (18-21 mmHg).

Q.4 Can Below-Knee Stockings Be Worn During Pregnancy?

It is safe to wear below-knee compression socks during pregnancy to prevent blood from pooling in your legs and to avoid varicose veins. It can also help reduce swelling.

Your doctor will recommend a compression level depending on your symptoms or risk of developing venous conditions.

Q.5 Can I Wear Below-Knee Stockings While Sleeping?

Ideally compression stockings should be worn first thing in the morning and removed at night before sleeping. One does not need to wear compression socks at night while sleeping, unless specified by your doctor.

Q.6 How Do I Care For My Below-Knee Stockings?

It is recommended to wash the compression stockings after every use to retain the elasticity of your garment and for hygiene purposes.
Instructions for washing compression socks:

  • Take a small bucket and fill it with cool or lukewarm water. The water temperature should not be too hot to avoid damaging the compression properties of the socks.
  • Add a few drops of the washing solution into the prepared bucket of water. Do not use fabric softener, bleach or any other harsh chemicals.
  • Immerse the compression socks into the water. Allow the socks to soak for approximately 10-15 minutes. If the socks are heavily soiled, you can extend the soaking time accordingly.
  • If desired, you can gently agitate the socks in the water by swirling them around with your hand. Be careful not to be too vigorous to avoid damaging the fabric.
  • Remove the compression socks from the water. Rinse them thoroughly under cool running water to remove any remaining detergent or residue.
  • Once rinsed, gently squeeze out any excess water from the socks. Avoid wringing or twisting them, as this may compromise their shape and elasticity. Lay the socks flat on a clean, absorbent towel or place them on a drying rack.

By following these instructions, you can effectively clean and maintain the quality of your compression socks, ensuring they continue to provide the desired compression benefits.

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