Compression Wraps

Sigvaris compression wraps are a great alternative to traditional compression garments for incredible support to the lower extremities. All our compression wraps are adjustable, providing maximum comfort, which makes our wraps so unique. It allows you to self-adjust, tighten or loosen the wrap as the swelling reduces. 

Sigvaris Compreflex wrap is a short-stretch compression garment that aids fluid drainage from the affected limb. This garment is suitable for use during lymphedema therapy’s decongestive and maintenance phases. Compression wraps are a top choice if you have poor circulation or need a compression garment for wound care.

Our range of wrap compression stockings can be adjusted to different compression levels of 1,2, and 3. So, the more pressure you apply while wearing the wrap, the greater the compression. 

With 150 years of experience in providing compression solutions, Sigvaris has carefully designed compression wraps with premium breathe O-prene material which is durable and comfortable against the skin while providing a firm compression hold. 

With different styles and sizes available, our collection of compression wraps can be worn in combination with other compression wraps to achieve great results. Each compression wrap is designed to manage and prevent medical problems like venous leg ulcers, lymphoedema, and lipedema.

Compression Wraps Product Range

We provide 5 different styles of leg compression wraps at Novomedshop. Each Sigvaris compreflex enhances your comfort and mobility without restricting your range of motion. The entire range of Compreflex caters to those who face difficulty putting on and removing the compression garment.

There are two categories of Sigvaris wrap: Compreflex and compreboot. In the Sigvaris compreflex category, there are four adjustable variants:

  • Calf wrap
  • Knee wrap
  • Left thigh wrap
  • Right thigh wrap

The thigh, calf and knee wraps come with AccuTab devices to help you accurately get the desired compression level. With medical supervision and guidance, you can adjust the level depending on the severity of the condition.

The last variant is the Sigvaris compreboot. Unlike the other Sigvaris adjustable wraps, the footwrap does not include an AccuTab device, and its 40mmHg equivalent compression level provides moderate compression with an adjustable, inelastic foot and ankle wrap. 

We will help you provide detailed information about each compression wrap to help you decide which suits your needs.

1. Adjustable Calf Wrap

  • This Sigvaris compreflex wrap is ideal for individuals with chronic edema, venous insufficiency, lipedema and lymphedema.
  • Although it has a transition liner, the O-prene material ensures a snug and contoured fit around the calf and keeps the leg cool.
  • A single box of calf wrap contains a transition liner and an AccuTab device.
  • A transition liner is a soft inner fabric and odour-controlling garment with mild compression of 10- 15mmHg. For greater comfort, it has a padded sole from toe to heel. 

2. Adjustable Knee Wrap

  • This Sigvaris compression wrap comes in 4 size options small to X-large. 
  • The knee wrap does not come with the additional liner and only contains the wrap and the AccuTab for an accurate compression level.
  • The material is breathable and durable.
  • It is easy to wear and remove due to the velcro straps that make it easy to adjust and allows a firm grip.
  • It suits patients with venous ulcers, lipedema, lymphedema, and chronic edema.

3. Adjustable Left & Right Sigvaris Compreflex Wrap

  • Both garments are designed considering comfort without affecting your range of motion.
  • It is available in many sizes, from regular to tall variants in small to extra large sizes.
  • The easy-to-wear feature will allow you to apply the desired pressure over time.
  • Better suited for patients with limited access to medical centres and individuals who face difficulty wearing and removing compression garments daily.
  • It is ideal for individuals with chronic venous insufficiency and other medical concerns like edema and lipedema.

4. Sigvaris Compreboot

  • Sigvaris compreboot is designed to provide maximum pressure on the foot and ankle.
  • It is adjustable but does not come with an AccuTab device, but it applies moderate compression of 40mmHg.
  • The material used for compreboot is neoprene which gives a four-way stretch for firm compression around the ankle.
  • It is perfect for individuals who have mild to moderate swelling and lymphedema.

Compression Wrap Features

  • Durable than the traditional compression stockings
  • It comes with velcro closures 
  • Easy to wash and care for 
  • It will provide enhanced flexibility and does not restrict mobility
  • It will improve leg shape
  • It allows you to control the pressure on your lower limbs
  • It is time and cost-effective as it saves the patient’s time to visit the hospital for application or lymph drainage
  • Successful wound management leads to greater autonomy, self-assurance, and contentment.
  • It promotes mental health and being social due to improved mobility. 
  • Increased compliance

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Compression Wraps Be Used For Post-Operative Recovery?

Yes, it can be recommended to use compression wraps post-surgeries related to your knee, ankle, and legs to reduce swelling and promote faster healing. Sigvaris compression wraps can also alleviate pain and allow post-operation recuperation. 

But also note if you have had heart surgery or suffer from peripheral arterial disease, you must consult your doctor before wearing a compression garment.

Are there Different Sizes Available For Compression Wraps?

The compreflex wraps are available in a variety of sizes at Novomedshop. We provide a size chart for your convenience; for an even more precise fit, have a friend or family member measure your legs and compare the results to the chart. Also, we offer two length options from which you can choose: Regular and Tall. If you need clarification, please ask our experts at

Are Compression Wraps Suitable For Pregnant Women?

Yes, wearing compression wraps or a compression garment is safe and recommended for pregnant women. It is much more comfortable as the compression level can be adjusted depending on the leg swelling. 

How Does Compreflex Differ From Other Compression Garments? 

The ease with which Compreflex may be wrapped around the legs without the wearer needing to strain and struggle to move the compression up is a major differentiator between it and other compression garments. 

The second is the adjustable feature. Compreflex allows you to adjust the compression level, which makes it more durable than traditional compression garments. 

Is Compreflex Effective For Treating Lymphedema?

Yes, it effectively stops the situation from worsening and helps reduce chronic swelling or edema. Compression wraps are simple yet effective measure that is meant to be used during early or severe stages of lymphedema.

Can Compreflex Be Washed?

The maintenance of Sigvaris compreflex is hassle-free. It can be washed after every use. You can rinse using a mild detergent on a gentle cycle. You can even wash the transition liners. To protect the garment’s shelf life, air drying the compreflex is recommended. 

Can Compreflex Be Customized And Tailored To Individual Needs?

Yes, it can be tailored as per individual needs depending on the severity of the medical condition. Various sizes are available on the website, and a sizing chart for your reference to place an order with us.

Is Compreflex Suitable For Both Acute And Chronic Conditions?

Yes, it is suitable, ideal and recommended for acute and chronic conditions like venous and lymphatic disorders. So, if you have ulcers and chronic edema, compreflex is the right choice for you, providing you with the support to enhance your quality of life. 

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