How To Wear & Take Off Compression Stockings

Sigvaris compression stockings are designed to help you feel your best every day. Wearing (donning) and taking off (doffing) compression stockings should not be a daily struggle. With time and some useful techniques, you can turn a seemingly difficult task into a simple one that fits easily into your daily routine. 


Below are a few simple steps to guide you:



As a rule of thumb, always wear rubber gloves to wear your compression stockings for better grip and control.




Put on the provided foot slip. Make sure that the excess material of the foot slip does not go over the heel or it will be tough to remove.




Spread the opening of the stocking wide and pull the stocking up your leg evenly.






Now let the gloves do the work, stroking your stockings upwards with flat hands. Smooth out any wrinkles or bunches with your gloves.




Pull the top band up to the right place and pull out the foot slip.




Make final adjustments, ensuring that the ankle seams, toe band and top band are at exactly the right place!

If your product did not come with a foot slip, use the steps in the video below to put your compression stockings on.










To take off your stockings, start by turning the top band inside out and pulling it down, slowly peeling the stocking off until it’s over your foot.




Then use your gloves to roll the stocking off, using downward strokes with flat hands.




Pull the stocking over your heel and finally off.

Useful Tips & Tricks:

    • Putting on stockings in the morning before starting your day is ideal. This is the time your legs are least swollen.
    • At night, it is recommended that you take off your compression stockings before going to bed unless specifically advised by your doctor.
    • If provided, use the silk foot slip to don your stockings. The foot slip helps the stocking slide easily over the foot.
    • Do not bunch up the stocking like you do regular socks. This will make it harder to put on.
    • Applying lotions or creams before putting on compressions stockings makes it harder to put them on and may also damage them. On the other hand, dusting a bit talcum powder can help them slide on more easily.
    • Practice and experiment – the process gets easier with time and consistency!

If you need additional help, ask a family member to assist you. Or invest in the revolutionary Sigvaris Doff N’ Donner – a device that allows you to quickly and painlessly slide on compression wear.