Cotton compression stockings

All of Sigvaris’ cotton stockings are made with high-end fabrics and components. Their high-tech knitting techniques make the stockings soft and breathable without affecting compression levels. As cotton is the traditional fabric used for compression garments, we at NovomedShop, are focused on catering the best support and maximum comfort for people suffering from light to severe varicose veins symptoms and management of post-surgery venous ulcers.

The blend of organic fibres keeps your legs cool in hot and humid climates and warm and comfortable during winter.

Sigvaris Cotton Product Range

If you’re looking for the ultimate support for your legs and feet, go no further than our cotton compression socks. Sigvaris cotton ensures durability and offers various compression levels and sizes from many sizes, including plus sizes, guaranteeing a flattering fit on every leg. Our supreme cotton compression garments can be used for everyday use, travel, and other medical purposes.

Our cotton collection includes class 1 and 2 compression levels open-toe styles in the below-knee and thigh-high categories. They come in two colour variants, black and beige, and are unisex so that they can be worn by men and women depending on the symptoms, requirements and the medical practitioner’s advice.

Sigvaris cotton compression stockings are made of durable and long-lasting material and will retain their elasticity with proper care instructions as recommended for the garments.

Our premium range effectively promotes blood circulation and reduces pain, swelling to manage the symptoms of venous insufficiencies and other lymphatic conditions. It provides the right graduated compression with its anti-slippage features, which hold the top band in place without causing any discomfort.

Class 1 Below-Knee Cotton Compression Socks

  • Class 1 compression (18-21mmHg) is ideal for pregnant women.
  • Cotton compression socks for nurses are perfect to be worn as a preventive measure against the onset of developing varicose veins, as their job involves a lot of standing.
  • The cotton below-knee socks will help you enhance your lifestyle and relieve aches and pains caused due to mild varicose veins.

Class 2 Below Knee Sigvaris Cotton Stockings

  • Class 2 compression (23-32mmHg) is ideal for tired legs.
  • Excellent for post-surgery applications
  • Suitable for the management of venous ulcers
  • Sigvaris cotton can also be worn to relieve symptoms of severe varicose veins during pregnancy.

Class 1 & 2 Thigh High Cotton Compression Stockings

  • Ideal to be worn by individuals as a preventive measure at the risk of developing deep vein thrombosis and blood clots.
  • Suitable for travelling or during long-haul flights
  • Promotes healthy blood flow in the legs
  • It will prevent blood from pooling in the legs and provide relief during pregnancy.
  • Class 1 (18-21mmHg) is an excellent support stocking that gently squeezes the legs for ultimate comfort.
  • Class 2 (23-32mmHg) thigh-high compression levels are specially designed for chronically painful legs and ease the pressure off the legs.

Sigvaris Cotton Features

  • Unisex compression garments
  • Suitable for sensitive skin and ideal in extreme weather conditions
  • Provides correct graduated pressure from the ankle to the thigh
  • The anti-slip band’s grip is soft and comfortable on the skin
  • The fabric blend is cotton, polyamide and elasthan.
  • We provide an accurate sizing chart with plus sizes to ensure a comfortable fit for all leg shapes.
  • Available in open-toe style, level 1 and 2 compression levels

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know What Size Of Cotton Compression Stockings To Get?

To find the right size for Sigvaris cotton, refer to our website under the How to section, and choose the correct size based on the sizing chart and an infographic image to measure your ankles and calf, as shown in the pictures. We have a sample size chart available that you can refer to, or contact our team of experts at, who can assist you with sizing.

Can Cotton Compression Stockings Be Worn Over Wounds or Ulcers?

Yes, compression stockings are designed explicitly for ulcers; for example, individuals can wear Sigvaris Ulcer X to heal the wound quickly. Your doctor can determine the correct compression required for your symptoms and healing. Cotton compression stockings can be used after surgery to manage healed ulcers and prevent the recurrence of fresh ulcers.

Are Cotton Compression Stockings Only For Older People?

No, wearing compression stockings is not related to age. Anyone of any age can benefit from wearing one, whether for relieving the signs of a medical condition or to encourage good blood circulation when pregnant, travelling, or in the daily course of their job. However, senior citizens can benefit from wearing graduated compression; but they are not age specific.

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