Microfiber Compression Stockings

Microfiber compression stockings by Sigvaris are specially designed for men. Perfect for donning every day, these support stockings are stylish with bold patterns and soft colors. 

Sigvaris microfiber shades are closed-toe stockings designed with advanced microfiber technology that keeps the legs happy with healthy blood circulation and maximum comfort. 

Our range of below-knee length support stockings for men are durable and breathable, making them the perfect fashionable element you might want to add to your wardrobe. The calf-length microfiber compression stockings are excellent for managing symptoms related to mild swelling, spider, or varicose veins. 

Athletes and those who engage in physical activity, such as playing football, or going to the gym, can benefit significantly from microfiber stockings. The fabric is highly skin-friendly and is excellent at keeping moisture and odor at bay. So, bid adieu to your old boring socks and replace them with our trendy options that will make your legs feel light and happy, thanks to their gentle compression.

Sigvaris Microfiber Shades Product Range

Make a fashion statement with our pair of below-knee length support stockings that come in two variants and patterns: Argyle and Stripes. 

Under the Stripes pattern, there are two color options:

  1. Dark navy
  2. Graphite

Under the Argyle pattern, there are two color options:

  1. Royal blue
  2. Graphite

The entire product range is stylish that can be worn by men for work and leisure. As a result, our microfiber shades are the healthiest option for your legs whether you spend long hours on your feet at work or while traveling by car or plane. 

There are three standard sizing options for Sigvaris microfiber stockings: A, B, and C. Your shoe size will determine your option, and you can choose between UK and US sizing for your reference.

Sigvaris Microfiber Shades Features

  • Best suited for everyday use for work or travel.
  • Specially designed colors and patterns for men
  • Suitable while working out for athletes making it practical to improve their fitness performance.
  • Best to wear as a preventive measure for venous insufficiency
  • The support stockings are made of high-grade polyamide, which is comfortable to don, breathable and durable fabric.
  • The style is closed toe making it easy to wear without much effort

Frequently Asked Questions

What Compression Level Options Are Available For Sigvaris Microfiber Shades?

Sigvaris microfiber shades only provide gentle compression or support to your legs in your daily routine. The compression level will be less than the level 1 pressure (18-21mmHg).

Can Sigvaris Microfiber Shades Be Worn By People With A History Of Blood Clots?

As a preventive measure, it is recommended for people with a family history to start wearing support stockings or level 1 compression stockings to delay the onset of DVT and other severe vein-related problems.

What Is The Difference Between Sigvaris Microfiber Shades And Other Compression Socks?

The primary difference is that microfiber shades are designed for men keeping in mind the bold patterns and colors providing mild and gentle pressure on the legs. They are also called support stockings. While on the other hand, the progressive pressure of other compression stockings is greater than that of support stockings, and their usage requires medical supervision.

Can I Wear Sigvaris Microfiber Shades If I Have Diabetes?

If you have diabetes, you will require diabetic compression socks to relieve the poor blood circulatory symptoms and swelling of your legs, ankles, and feet. A support stocking will not help to release the pressure off your legs. Therefore, graduated compression stockings will effectively promote venous circulation and reduce swelling. 

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