Compression Garments: Types you should look out for to improve your vein health.


Since the onset of the covid pandemic, health and wellbeing have come into sharper focus. More and more people are understanding the importance of taking a proactive approach to their health.

The pandemic and subsequent lockdown changed our lifestyles, confined us to our homes, and limited our body movement. Because of this, not just our mental health but our vein health has also suffered tremendously. 

Vein health consists of maintaining a healthy flow of blood throughout our bodies. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, with the inactive lifestyle that we have grown accustomed to, maintaining proper vein health has become challenging. Chronic problems like varicose veins and DVT are growing increasingly common, and we must address this risk immediately.

This brings us to the importance of including compression garments in our day-to-day life.

Compression therapy is the best way to manage these venous issues. Regular use of compression garments can help prevent the occurrence as well as slow down the progression of these conditions. 

What is Compression Therapy?

Compression therapy is the application of graduated pressure to the limbs to stimulate blood and lymph flow. It is recognized as the gold standard to manage and prevent venous problems and edema (swelling). 

While there are several devices used to deliver compression therapy, the most common approach is the use of compression garments. These compression garments vary in length, size, and pressure level depending on the individual’s needs. Conditions like varicose veins can be successfully managed with the help of compression therapy. Furthermore, these garments are medically known for their ability to prevent many chronic venous problems such as venous leg ulcers, DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis), pulmonary embolism. 

Let’s see what the various types of compression garments used in compression therapy are:

Types of compression garments 

Compression bandages

Compression bandages, also called short-stretch bandages, are rolls of elastic material that are wrapped around the limb to drain and prevent lymphatic fluid build-up. They are commonly used for the treatment of lymphedema as they help the limbs get back to their original shape.

To achieve the desired result, it is crucial that the bandage is applied in the correct way. Therefore, the wrapping of the bandage must be carried out only by an experienced medical practitioner.

Compression Wraps

Compression wraps are the solution to the age-old agony associated with wearing and taking off compression stockings. These new-age garments have adjustable velcro straps that make them very easy to wear and take off. They also have several other advantages over compression stockings: 

  • In compression wraps, the compression level can be adjusted to class 1, 2, or 3 in the same garment
  • Compression wraps are much easier to use for seniors as well as those who do not have the strength and dexterity to don compression garments daily  
  • Compression wraps can absorb up to a 20% increase or decrease in leg volume. Therefore, a new garment is not required if there is a change in size
  • The wraps can be combined with different types of inner liners based on the patient’s need 

Compression socks for athletes 

Compression socks are quite popular amongst athletes and runners. These garments are designed to increase blood flow and oxygen supply to the muscles. The targeted pressure increases performance potential, lessens muscle soreness, and reduces muscle vibrations that could lead to tears and injuries. These garments can be worn by anyone who wants to level up their fitness routines. 

Compression socks for everyday use

Sitting or standing for long periods of time, due to your profession or lifestyle, can increase the risk of developing venous disorders. A family history of these conditions can raise the probability even more. Wearing compression socks with mild compression is a proven technique to minimize this risk. The therapeutic pressure of the socks boosts blood circulation, prevents blood from collecting in the legs, and keeps pain and swelling at bay. 

Compression socks for everyday use do not require a doctor’s prescription and can be worn by any healthy individual who wants to keep their legs healthy and prevent problems from occurring in the future.

Compression Socks for Travel

Ever heard of Economy Class Syndrome? It refers to the formation of a blood clot in the veins after a long flight. Experiencing swollen legs and ankles is also quite common after a long journey. Wearing compression socks while traveling is a simple and effective way to keep the blood circulation going and prevent these travel-related leg symptoms. 

Medical compression stockings and arm-sleeves

Medical compression stockings and arm-sleeves are the most popular kind of compression garments. They provide measured compression to the limbs to manage and control the progression of venous and lymphatic disorders. 

These garments are available in different compression levels or classes, indicating the amount of pressure they provide. Doctors prescribe a particular compression class to the patient based on the severity of their condition.  

Which are the best compression socks?

Sigvaris compression socks are widely considered the best by medical professionals around the globe. When buying medical compression socks or even otherwise, Sigvaris is the best and the preferred choice. Sigvaris products stand for comfort as well as accuracy in compression and fit. 

Who is Sigvaris? 

Sigvaris is a swiss company with over 150 years of experience. It is the global market leader in compression garments. The company has its manufacturing plants in Switzerland, France, Poland, the U.S, Brazil, and distributors in more than 70 countries around the globe. 

The brand Sigvaris has grown synonymous with compression garments worldwide, which tells you how successful and trustworthy the brand is.

Types of Sigvaris Compression stockings

Sigvaris Cotton Compression Stockings

The Cotton Collection is all about premium comfort. This collection uses a superior knitting technique to make the garment in a way that the inside of the stocking is 100% cotton. This makes it an ideal choice for those with sensitive skin. The optimal blend of fabrics gives a ‘thermoregulating’ effect. This means that it keeps legs comfortable in different climate conditions – cool in hot and humid weather and warm in the cold.  

This collection is available in: 

  • Medical Compression Class 1, 2 and 3
  • Below-knee length and thigh length 
  • Beige colour 
  • Open-toe style  

Closed-toe option, black colour, and pantyhose available on order.  

Sigvaris Top Fine Select

The Top Fine Select Compression Socks are created with high-quality double-covered yarn, ensuring a two-way stretch and giving the wearers maximum comfort and support. The graduated compression and opaque structure of these stockings provide relief and confidence, discreetly covering signs of a venous problem.

This collection is available in: 

  • Medical Compression Class 1 and 2
  • Below-knee length and thigh length 
  • Beige colour 
  • Open-toe style  

Closed-toe option, black colour, and pantyhose available on order.  

Sigvaris Ulcer X kit

Their Ulcer Kit is scientifically designed for venous ulcer patients. This double layer compression system applies controlled, measured graduated compression on the affected leg, providing better comfort and quicker healing of the venous ulcer as compared to traditional bandages. 

This collection is available in: 

  • Provides ~ 45 mmHg compression (approximately compression class 3)
  • Below knee length 
  • Beige colour 
  • 2 layer system: closed-toe inner liner with an open-toe overstocking

Sigvaris Samson  

Samson compression socks apply mild therapeutic pressure to improve circulation, effectively alleviating tiredness and heaviness. They support proper vein function, reducing the risk of developing venous disorders like spider veins and varicose veins.

You can choose these stockings for long hours of travel or if your lifestyle requires you to sit or stand for long hours at a stretch. 

This collection is available in: 

  • Mild compression (less than compression class 1)
  • Below knee length 
  • Black, beige and blue colours
  • closed-toe style  

Sigvaris Compreflex

Compreflex is the adjustable wraps range by Sigvaris. These wraps are made of a soft, conforming, and breathable material, giving the wearer a comfortable fit. 

The garments include AccuTab devices that allow the wearer to set the correct level of compression easily and accurately. 

This collection is available in:

  • Medical Compression Class 1 and 2
  • Wraps for foot, calf, knee, thigh, and arm
  • Inner liners with and without compression (to wear under the wrap)
  • Black colour 
  • Open-toe style  

Where to buy Sigvaris compression garments in India?

You can easily find Sigvaris compression products on They offer a wide selection of garments in different sizes, compression grades, and designs.    


Compression garments are integral in improving your vein health. With proper diet, exercise, and regular use of Sigvaris compression devices you can effectively prevent and manage venous problems. 


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